Our story is simple and starts with our daughters, who discovered in middle school that despite their differences, they shared many important core values. They connected over their appreciation for other cultures, the sharing of meals, the importance of balance, empathy and giving back, the love of family, learning and value of community.  

Like our daughters, we (Brett and Mariam), too recognized our shared principles. Family dinners led to intimate conversations about interests, dreams and cultural traditions of human connection, replaced these days by “likes,” text messages and other digital means in our own community. We exchanged stories of our travels; slow-paced images of families sharing a baguette on a park bench in Paris and friends, enjoying each other’s company, while patiently waiting their turn to order, outside a “specialty sweet shop” in Amsterdam or Nice. These exchanges, anecdotes and connections formed the foundation of what has now become US.

With fast paced demanding careers and now teenage children in a post-Covid world, we came together with a purpose of bringing intentional moments of pause, smiles and sharing to our daily lives. BEloved™ is the product of that ambition. 

As we look to the future of US, our success will be measured by the number of meaningful human connections and moments of joy that we have enabled.