Chief Culinary and Creative Director 

To know Brett is to appreciate the significance of balance, quality and color in daily life. A native of Bellevue, Washington, Brett has spent the last 20+ years studying and exploring the artistry and science of food, including travels in Spain, Israel, Mexico, France and Italy. Prior to US, Brett was the founder of Salt + Other Vices, a catering company that provided canvas-like presentations of the finest food and desserts, capturing the colors, shapes and flavors of inspiration gathered both locally and from afar. From her highly regarded culinary offerings, to her unwavering focus on the scientific precision needed to perfect every recipe she creates, Brett’s greatest gift is the love she feels in sharing it all with others. 



Mariam, joins her dear friend Brett, to support US’ strategic operations and planning needs. Also a native of Bellevue, Mariam brings over 25+ years of global business and legal experience, successfully landing customer empowerment and delight at scale. Though Mariam’s many years as a “big tech” executive brings US organizational discipline and business/legal know-how, it is her greater purpose to engage our entire community in increased moments of daily joy and sharing, that drives her to be a part of the business.